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Please join our poster session!

Register your poster now. Presenting a poster is free, and there may be funding assistance available.If you need financial support to print your poster, contact us via email to check on financial support status. Register your poster now to find out more. Our poster session includes a number of different thematic areas exploring how your work fit into Illinois Water Day.

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 31st


Poster Session Thematic Areas

  • Sustainable Water, Energy and Environment
    • Water-Energy Nexus: Technologies, infrastructures, approaches, environmental impacts
    • Renewable energy: Production and environmental impacts
    • Mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change
    • Implication for food security and fighting poverty
    • Sustainable urban development
  • Water, Economics and Society
    • Coupled Human-Nature systems; Socio-hydrology
    • Valuation, economics and finance: Water trade, water market; water pricing for energy planning
    • Policy, governance and environmental law
    • Integrated water resources management
    • Water and women  
  • Water, Environment and Ecosystem
    • Environmental fluid mechanics
    • Ecohydrology
    • Water quality modeling
    • Sanitation and wastewater treatment
  • Landscape and Water Management
    • Nutrient and sediment : sources and transport
    • Best management practices
    • Agricultural drainage
    • Hydrogeology and watershed geomorphology
  • Emerging Technologies
    • Cyber-physical systems
    • GIS and Remote Sensing
    • High performance computing and cloud computing
    • Novel sensors and other innovative measurement techniques 
  • Any other topic related to water. If you have any concerns please contact us.